Job-order production the production lines and single machines.

The BFK Company ltd. was founded in 1991 at the time of privatisation, and since then has operated in both Czech and foreign markets. It specialises in the production of automatic labelling machines using self-adhesive labels, in filling machines for liquids and gels, and special devices for the automation of production processes.

The machines are delivered individually. It is possible to integrate them into a production line or we can also produce whole production lines.We produce machines for solid products of unusual shapes and volumes. The Company provides consulting activities in its specialist area. We support guarantee and post guarantee service and the production of spare parts.

You can find our machines in more than 70 companies of various types from the food industry, glass factories, cosmetics, the chemical industry, from wrapping to the attaching of printed labels to the product, also alcohol detection tubes. We export machines to the whole of Europe, to Russia, Turkey, Tunisia, Mexico, Ukraine, Morocco and the U.S.A.

We present here only a part of our production. The machines can be adapted according the client's needs, or in a range of activities we can produce other machines.

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